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STYLFILE Curved 3 in 1 S-Shaped Nail File - 2 Pack

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Shaping the future of nail care!

The STYLFILE Curved 3 in 1 S-Shaped Nail File is the answer to shaping your non dominant fingernails and easily shaping all nails, inline with their natural curvature. The STYLFILE  is the world’s first curved nail file, with an ergonomic S-shape design which allows your non-dominant hand to file the other and smooth out sharp edges following the natural shape of nails. Our files include a handy cuticle pusher and under-nail-skimmer, to keep nails clean and shapely.


EAN: 5060288331758

How it works

The STYLFILE 2 is curved nail file designed to allow you to follow the curve of your natural nail for great and easy results. This curved emery board makes it easy to achieve a great-looking finish, even when using your non- dominant hand making filing nails quick and easy.

Benefits and features

⭐Ergonomic S-shape allows for ambidextrous nail filing
⭐Curved design encourages shaping in line with the natural shape of the nail
⭐2 emery boards for your comfort
⭐Includes cuticle pusher and nail skimmer



How to use

🖤File nails from one edge to the centre, then do the same of the opposite side of the nail
🖤In long sweeping motions file the edges of the nail in line with the nature shape of the nail
🖤Repeat from the other side of the nail
🖤Use the cuticle pusher to gently tease cuticles back to expose more the nail surface
🖤Use the nail-skimmer to remove dirt living under the nail surface, for hygienic fingers

Additional Information

With a built in under-nail skimmer, cuticle pusher and two different abrasive sides this unique nail file is the ultimate in Nail care allowing you to shape and smooth your nails; it’s a must have manicure essential.

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FAQs: 2 Curved 3 in 1 S-Shape Nail File

We would expect your STYLFILE S Curved Nail File to last approximately 12 months, but it will depend on how often you use it. It is made from high quality silicon carbide which is especially selected because it is hard wearing and long lasting.

All of our STYLFILE files will have at lst a 500 grit. Please note the STYLFILE 2 has a 500 grit on one side and a 250 grit on the other.