Stylfile Nipper Clipper - Baby nail clipper with safety spy hole

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  • Wayne Goss

    It's a really good, really good product. It dries brushes just like that!

    Wayne Goss, Professional Makeup artist with 3million Youtube followers
  • It's transformed my life and my career, cleaning my brushes is so simple and so quick now

    Melissa Hartzel, Professional Makeup Artist

Trimming tiny nails can be tricky and sometimes even traumatic.

The Stylfile Nipper Clipper is the world’s first nail clipper with a spy hole that allows parents to see exactly what they are cutting.

The scissor-like action of the blades mean that it’s smooth, sharp and almost silent.The overlapping blades slice across each other to precisely and smoothly trim even the tiniest of finger or toe nails, quickly and effectively.

Made from surgical stainless steel, they are sturdy, hygienic and easy to clean.

This kit comes with a high quality, long lasting Curved Baby S-file. The Baby S-file gently smoothes nails and is specially designed to follow the natural shape of baby nails, leaving them smooth and free from sharp edges after clipping.

Free ’Timmy Tickle' distraction IOS app available to download here, to make trimming tiny nails easier by distracting and entertaining. This app is suitable for different ages and has 3 control options, designed with child psychologists to help distract babies attention and ensure that the content is safe and suitable for young children.