StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

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  • Wayne Goss

    It's a really good, really good product. It dries brushes just like that!

    Wayne Goss, Professional Makeup artist with 3million Youtube followers
  • It's transformed my life and my career, cleaning my brushes is so simple and so quick now

    Melissa Hartzel, Professional Makeup Artist

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Cleans and DRIES brushes in seconds

To avoid build up of germs, professionals recommend cleaning your makeup brushes once a week. But when did you last clean your makeup brushes? The problem is traditional cleaning methods are messy, laborious and can leave brushes wet and unusable for up to 24 hours. 



StylPro makeup brush cleaner, invented by BBC's The Apprentice Winner Tom Pellereau, cleans and dries all makeup brush types in seconds, leaving brushes clean and ready to reuse straight away. StylPro pack includes: 8 x Flexible silicone collars (30mm, 24mm, 19mm, 15mm, 11mm, 9mm, 7mm, 5mm), Stylpro device, 2xAAA batteries, NEW Tritan unbreakable bowl neck and collar, 2 x 10ml StylPro Makeup brush cleanser sachets.

Watch this 1:20s video to see this unique invention in action: 

"A professional makeup artist told me about the dangers of bacteria on makeup brushes and challenged me to invent a faster, more effective way to clean and dry them." - Tom Pellereau.

StylPro vs traditional cleaning

Foundation brush  

Video shows inventor Tom Pellereau cleaning a foundation brush using the StylPro whilst someone cleans the exact same brush using traditional methods. 

Powder brush

Video shows inventor Tom Pellereau cleaning a large powder brush using the StylPro whilst someone cleans the exact same brush using traditional methods. 


What's in the pack

How gross are your brushes? 

We've all heard that you should clean your makeup brushes. But how gross are they? To find out we visited the homes of four people and using a special gadget measured how clean they were. We then cleaned them using the Stylpro to see what a difference it made. 
Finally we also measure how gross their toilet brush was, just to compare. You will not believe the results!


Watch more here

StylPro Story

Loved by Beauty professionals, makeup enthusiasts and featured by Cosmopolitan, OK!, Hello!, Daily Mail, Metro, BuzzFeed, Wayne Goss - over 50,000 StylPro's have been sold to date. Want to know why Apprentice Winner Tom Pellereau invented a device to clean and dry makeup brushes? Watch this video.

 Read more about the Stylpro story and our testing here

What the press say

  • "This tool will wash and dry your makeup brush in 10 seconds" ... "allowing the brush to dry in a matter of seconds. SECONDS, PEOPLE." @CosmopolitanUK (Read full review)
  • "It really is a dream come true." ... "No longer will you have to manually wash your brushes and wait (ages) for them to dry, oh no, this beaut cleans and dries your brushes in under 30 seconds." ... "If you want super clean brushes for super fresh skin, then we think it's worth it." (Read full review)

What professional makeup artists say

  • "It's fantastic, a brilliant product ... I have never seen my brush quite so clean as this." - Justine, Makeup Artist
  • "When I first saw the StylPro I thought yes. Finally someone has invented this." - June, Chief Makeup Artist, Makeup Junkies
  • "It's transformed my life and my career, cleaning my brushes is so simple and so quick now." - Melissa, Professional Makeup Artist
  • "It's very good, I've seen nothing like it." - Sue Kemp, founder of Love Makeup
  • "It dries instantly and that is pretty amazing." - Lynda, Professional Makeup Artist

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