Stylfile Gel Polish Remover Gift Box

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  • Wayne Goss

    It's a really good, really good product. It dries brushes just like that!

    Wayne Goss, Professional Makeup artist with 3million Youtube followers
  • It's transformed my life and my career, cleaning my brushes is so simple and so quick now

    Melissa Hartzel, Professional Makeup Artist

Looking for the perfect gift for someone obsessed with their nails?

This fabulous kit includes everything you need to safely and effectively remove gel nail polish at home.

Proven to remove Gel polish without reducing the thickness of the natural nail, the Stylfile Gel Polish Remover Kit will leave your natural nails looking and feeling amazing after removing Gel nail polish.


  • Zebra S-file to prep nails before soaking
  • Gel Polish Remover Solution
  • 5x Gel remover clips
  • 3x manicure sticks
  • Almond cuticle oil
  • 4-way buffer file

Does not include cotton wool pads.

How to: First use the Zebra S-File to lightly remove the top layer of gel before soaking. Then saturate cotton wool pads in the Gel Polish Remover Solution before holding in place with the Gel Remover Clips. When the gel-polish begins to break down, remove the excess with the Manicure Sticks, wipe again with Gel Polish Remover Solution and then buff nails with the 4-Way Buffer File. Finally, finish with the Almond Cuticle Oil for healthy-looking natural nails.