Up your makeup game this Valentine’s Day

Up your makeup game this Valentine’s Day


Whether you’re into Valentine’s day or not you can’t argue with the cute Valentine’s day make up looks that pop up this time of year.


Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to up your makeup game; buying new palettes, landing that perfect lipstick and experimenting with colours and styles is all part of the fun. Whether you’re preparing for a date with your significant other, your best friend or yourself, a date is still a date and you totally deserve to look and feel your best!


We’ve taken the difficulty out of this one and have rounded up our favourite Valentine’s looks … sure to satisfy any plans this 14th February.


A Statement red lip


The red lip is a Valentine’s Day staple, lip stick is possibly the one makeup product that has the power to make every wearer feel invincible.  It’s a classic, think Marylin Monroe, a statement red lip guaranteed to catch anyone’s attention.

Colour psychology, states red is a powerful colour, mostly associated with passion and often representing confidence, lust and luck – some could argue, the perfect colour to get anyone in the Valentine’s mood.

One quick search into Google and you’ll be inundated with hundreds of different brands and shades of red, whether it be a sexy red shine or an ultimate matte you are looking for there is bound to be standout shade to suit your mood this Valentine’s.

Check out Glamour Magazines favourite red lipsticks here. Just remember to prep those lips before taking the lipstick plunge to keep them super smooth and kissable.


Smokin’ smokey eyes


Sultry and seductive, perfecting the Smokey eye is without a doubt an artform. This date night classic is heavily reliant on building and blending.

The key to this look is to make sure your eyes are prepped and primed, there is nothing worse than a smudge or smear where it is not meant to be. Start with an eyeshadow primer to allow your colour to stay in place and last longer.

To create that smokin’ eye look, pack on the dark shadow of your choice to your eyelids working up from your lash line towards your crease. Blend out the shadow to avoid the harsh lines and work the shadow into the crease of your eye and your bottom lash line.

Apply eye liner to your lash line, gently smudge the liner out being sure to work it back into your shadow. Whilst applying the eye liner, bring it down to your lower lashes and blend the corners. Finish the look with an application of mascara to your lashes and you are good to go.

Be sure to conceal your under eyes to remove any shadows to nail that final Smokey look.



Romancing with a pink and red combo


Add some romance to your makeup with fun and flirty pink and red shades, the perfect girly hues will make you want to get creative with your makeup this Valentine’s Day. The pink and red combination is a hit amongst the A listers and celebrities up and down the red carpet.

From casual glossy lips to full on glam with contrasting cut creased eyes the possibilities are endless. Soft shimmering pink tones are a flattering and easy way to add some romance into your makeup style the key with this contrasting look is of course balance; no one wants to be reminded of the ‘raiding mums makeup bag as a child’ look.


A gorgeous glow


Whilst on that date your eyes are important, make your eyes pop by applying bronzer to your eyelid and they’ll be gazing into your eyes in no time. The added warmth from the bronzer will make your eyes pop … if it’s good enough for Kendal Jenner, we say its good enough for you too.

Adding bronzer to your pale skin in the middle of winter could look suspect, adding a strobe of highlight to your cheekbones will give you a glow to be envious of. Hit them with your highlight this season and create a gorgeous glow no one will forget.

When used correctly highlighter can create a radiant complexion, define your face and open your eyes. If used incorrectly you can create an over shiny and greasy look … something no one wants.

There is a fine line between radiant glow and sweaty upper lip, learning how and where to apply your highlighter is key. Makeup artist Lou Dartford suggests highlighter should be kept natural; using highlighter on the cheekbones, inner corners of the eyes and to the Cupid’s bow above the lips. In an interview with Get the gloss she explains highlighter should be used to light up wherever the light would naturally hit, if there’s a feature that you don’t want to accentuate or where light wouldn’t hit your face, don’t go there.


Four perfect excuses to play around and get glammed up this February.


Team Tom


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