The Real Halloween Horror Story!

The Real Halloween Horror Story!

It’s that time of year, Halloween, time to up our makeup game and get ready to transform ourselves into ghastly ghouls for the petrifying party season.


Once the Halloween haunting is over and it’s time to remove that mask, how do you remove that makeup? Do you reach for a quick and convenient makeup wipe?


Disposable wipes are the fastest growing cause of pollution on beaches.


We've all heard about the dangers of plastics and the damage disposable straws and other throw away items cause our wildlife and environment. That quick and easy makeup wipe is a key contributor to the pollution on beaches when flushed away. 


Wipes are not dampened form of paper or towel. They are often made from a combination of plastics, pulp and cotton. This makes them a handy item for tough all round cleaning but nearly impossibe to break down.The combination of materials used to create a wipe float about our sewers and seas for years.


‘flushable’ or 'disposable' wet wipes make no difference, says Thames Water.


In reality it can take 100 years for disposable wipes to biodegrade and with over 11 billion wipes being used each year you can't even begin to imagine the size of the damage these wipes create. 


Last year, a sewer pipe under London, became jammed by a blockage of fat known as the ‘fatberg’. It was reported wipes were a major cause of the blockage because of the way they clog together with fat, grease and oil within the sewer system.


Instead of reaching for wipes this Halloween, reach for the reusable option


Melt away all traces of that monstrous makeup including waterproof mascara with the STYLPRO ‘Easy on the Eye’ jelly cleanser & super soft, reusable facial cloth ... no need for wipes or cotton wool.


Wash and reuse the microfibre facial cloth over and over again.


Created with a blend of naturally derived active ingredients and registered by the Vegan society this jelly cleanser is tough on makeup, gentle on skin and easy on the eye.  An absolute saviour this time of year. 


Give it a try,  you won’t regret it! 


Team Tom x 


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