StylPro Review - British Beauty Blogger

StylPro Review - British Beauty Blogger

One of the most respect Beauty bloggers Jane of BBB, tries the Stylpro for her self. This was not a sponsored post. 

"I have wanted to try this brush cleaner and dryer for such a long time! Nobody I know loves cleaning their make up brushes so anything that makes that particular beauty chore a little less tedious is a win with me. StylPro is created by Tom Pellereau, winner of The Apprentice. As you can see, I’ve gathered my grubbiest brushes to put them to the Stylpro test. ..." Full her full review here

Her bowl of shame:

"Bottom line of the StylPro is that it’s a very refreshing change from manual cleaning that lived up to most of my expectations. There is something ridiculously satisfying about watching your brushes whizz round and the drying aspect is brilliant. However, it needs a specific oval brush collar that holds them better, I’d like a plug-in option too rather than just battery, and it does feel a tad plastic-y for the asking price of £49.99 HERE. While the device comes with two sachets of cleanser, you will need to buy the bottle which is £8.99 at some point. It’s every make up lover’s perfect present so it wouldn’t surprise me if it goes into short supply around Christmas."



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