Lockdown To-Do List

Lockdown To-Do List

We have compiled a list of Lockdown worthy tasks to help you feel peachy with productivity...

Here we are again...

Here we are again. Back in Lockdown, scheduling in Zoom quizzes and thinking of a witty name for sourdough starters, (Breaddy Mercury, you can have that one). We need to start thinking of small tasks that will fill our spare time, whilst we are stuck indoors. There are many jobs we are prone to putting off, because of how long they take to do or the unnecessary effort they require. But we have come up with a few quick tasks, that will help you feel productive in these slow weeks ahead!



  1. Clean your makeup brushes!

We are all guilty of leaving it too long, but it is so important that we do get round to cleaning our brushes. 34% of makeup brushes can hold more bacteria than the average toilet brush, so it should be on the top of your to-do list.

STYLPRO Brush Cleanser cuts through the oiliest of makeup, removes harmful bacteria and conditions bristles, in under 30 seconds. Simply whizz your brush in the STYLPRO bowl and Vegan Cleanser, then lift above the cleansing solution and spin dry in seconds.

Done! One task off the list.


  1. Take off chipping nail varnish!

Didn’t have time to get those gels removed before Lockdown? Fear not, there is a way to do this effectively from home. Plonk yourself down in front of a good film and get out your STYLLFILE Gel Remover Kit.

Use our fuss free silicone clips to soak chipping gel varnish and tease away gently, with our varnish sticks. New nails in Lockdown?

Nailed it.


  1. Organise your dresser/beauty storage

It is true, Lockdown is a great opportunity for a tidy up. Arrange your brushes, recycle empty bottles, organise nail varnish by colour. Whilst you have the time, get things in order so when things start up again, you are super organised.

Our STYLPRO Bamboo Barrel is perfect for keeping reusable beauty pads or beauty cloths in, keeping textiles fresh and protected. Use our Barrel to get your beauty essentials organised this Lockdown.


  1. Online shopping, obviously

It is a task! Take a peruse online for something to treat yourself to. Times are hard and they don’t call it retail therapy for nothing. We have some gorgeous Luxury Glitter Makeup Brushes on sale at the moment… just saying…


  1. Replenish brush heads/razor heads

Refresh your daily utensils! Change blunt razor blades, change your bedsheets and most importantly your toothbrush heads! Get a pack of four Sonic Toothbrush heads over here at STYLSMILE…


  1. Check use-by dates on makeup

Check your use-by dates on makeup and skin care - yes, they have them! Ensure products are in date and safe to use. Refrigerating products keeps products at optimal freshness and prevents bacterial growth, tightening pores and depuffing skin. Our STYLPRO Four Litre Beauty Fridge over on ASOS does the job nicely!


  1. Christmas shopping

It’s time after all! Get ahead with presents in Lockdown, saving you from the big rush after quarantine is over.


We hope you are all staying safe and being kind to yourself and others in these odd times we find ourselves in again.

Sending love from Tom and the STYLIDEAS team x

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