Don't be fooled by 'Dupes' and counterfeit products.

Don't be fooled by 'Dupes' and counterfeit products.

Your makeup brushes are full of makeup, you want to clean them with a StylPro but you’ve seen something that looks like one on another website and you’re confused on what to do?
Yes, unfortunately this is something we hear far too often!


With over 50,000 units sold since launching, it is clear the award winning StylPro is a revolutionary product that has made a huge impact on the beauty industry, unfortunately, such success does mean that other brands have created ‘copycat’ or ‘dupe’ items.


We are fully aware that there is /are certain retailer(s) who are selling a similar product right now which has been spoken about in several articles recently.


The authentic and original StylPro device was invented by inventor Tom Pellereau, best known for winning the BBC Apprentice and becoming Lord Sugar’s first business partner. Tom’s interest in makeup brushes and their cleanliness was first sparked by a makeup artist who asked Tom to invent something to make it fast and easy to clean makeup brushes. The rest as they say, is history.


As a brand we are aware that these 'dupe' products alongside other counterfeit products may seem appealing at a lower price, but did you know it may be causing your brushes more harm than good? Not so appealing huh? Read on and we'll explain more.  


The Testing

The StylPro device has been expertly engineered and prior to launching was put through numerous tests. To ensure that the StylPro is not only faster, but also more efficient than traditional methods, an independent laboratory was employed to carry out the tests.


The Spin

To achieve the amazing StylPro results our device uses centrifugal spin technology. The spinning action allows the bristles of the brush to splay open letting the cleansing solution inside and in turn removing bacteria from deep inside the brush. It is this same spinning action that then dries the brush, allowing any excess cleanser and bacteria to be wicked away leaving the bristles clean and dry.


The rotational speed of the device is important in ensuring the best results … if it’s not spun enough the bristles will not open out correctly and if it’s spun too fast the aggressiveness of the spinning could cause damage to your brush bristles. 


As part of our testing we created a machine which could repeat test the action of cleaning a brush and spinning dry 500 times to make sure we had the speeds just right and to most importantly check to see if and how this affected the bristles in the brushes. The results show that there was little to no affect on the bristles. 


The testing process is key to make sure that our StylPro device delivers its results, saving you time and effort. 


The Bacteria

During our testing process Scientists deliberately applied 100,000 bacteria to several clean brushes. They then used an identical amount of makeup on each brush before cleaning, some using anti-bacterial soap and water, some using a well-known branded brush cleanser and some using the StylPro.


The tests proved that the StylPro is as good, if not better, at removing bacteria versus soap and water and branded makeup brush cleaner sprays.


Visually the StylPro left brushes looking much cleaner but best of all, unlike all other methods, the brushes were completely dry and ready to re-use immediately.


The Warranty

The authentic and original StylPro has a limited warranty that lasts 1 year from the date of purchase. For more about the StylPro Warranty please click here.


Counterfeits or ‘dupe’ products are not the same, most of the time they are not tested and certainly cannot emulate our StylPro device. We do have a team dedicated to finding and removing these products from the market however, these things take time and cannot be rushed.


Here at AvenTOM we care about our customers (and your makeup brushes) and want to make sure you are not disappointed by products impersonating our StylPro devices.


Makeup brushes are your daily tools and let’s face it, they can be super expensive! We would hate for your tools to be damaged by a counterfeit or untested product … this could leave you out of pocket and mostly likely heartbroken as you mourn the end of your most favourite makeup brush!


The StylPro is only sold through certain channels and retailers, if you are unsure if the device you are buying / have bought is genuine please do contact our team here, we are more than happy to help.


Sometimes when things look too good to be true … they usually are!
It’s okay, you can thank us later!
Team Tom.


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