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The Best Way To Get Gel Nail Polish Off
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How do you get it off?     If you've ever applied standard polish to your nails only to notice the colour chipping away surprisingly quickly, gel nail polish will have significant appeal. This polish can, compared to regular old polish, resist chipping for a minimum of five times longer. However, there remains a major downside: removing it can be very tricky. Soaking a cotton bud in remover before swiping the bud across your fingertips won't bring quick results. Still, there remain various options for removing that polish. Is this an ace method of using acetone? Acetone is a standard ingredient of...

Mind the gap! No time to get to the salon for gel polish removal?
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Have you started the week with gel polish that's been on for more than 2.5 weeks? It's not a great look. But often it's hard to find the time to get to the salon for removal...and then we get tempted to start picking....and that's when we can cause the damage! Stylfile Gel Polish Remover Kit gives you everything you need to safely and effectively remove gel polish in your own time at home (or anywhere)! It introduces ingenious clips that replace the fiddly foils to make it so easy to do yourself.  Get yours now at Tesco or  ...