5 Year Anniversary

5 Year Anniversary

It's amazing to think, but exactly 5 years ago Lord Sugar and I started AvenTOM, our business together.

Cynics may say The Apprentice is all for show. But I can tell you as soon as I won a lawyer was instructed to act on my behalf and all the necessary legal documents were created to form the company AvenTOM Ltd, so Lord Sugar's £250,000 could go into the Bank account in return for his 50%. 

I then rented a space in his Loughton Office and we were off. The desk I took had been previously used by Tim Campbell from Series 1 and Chris Bateman who lost out to Stella the series before me. One of Chris's ties was even still in the drawers. The desk was opposite a long serving member of Amstrad who had worked with Lord Sugar for 35+ years and it was within metres of Lord Sugar's office.

Life was pretty surreal at first. With people like Stephen Fry and Sky News popping in.

In 5 years we've come along way. From zero products and no retailers to over 1,000,000 Stylfiles sold and listings in all UK major retailers. 

We now turnover more in a month than we did in the first 12! 





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