With two different abrasive sides, the all new S-file is the two-step nail file that shapes and smoothes the nail. The unique curved design makes filing quick and easy, and the high quality abrasive lasts up to 12 months, meaning nails can be kept beautiful all year long.

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More about S-file

For a professional finish, use one surface to shape and the other to smooth. Always file from the edge of the nail to the centre. The shaping side of the file is 250 grit and the smoothing side is 500 grit.

Watching my sister file her nails one day, I hit upon the idea of a curved file. The curve of the S-file follows the nails’ natural shape, making it easy to achieve a great-looking finish, even when using your ‘other’ or non-dominant hand.

As an engineer I've specially selected the abrasive to be long lasting - the S-file lasts up to 12 months*.
*Claim is based on home use by one person.




    This packaging is 100% recyclable. The plastic is made from PET and the printed insert is card. PET can be recycled with plastic drinking bottles and card can be recycled with newspapers. Please follow your local recycling guidelines.