Nipper Clipper

  • Baby nail clipper with unique spy hole
  • smooth action
  • Curved S-file baby gently smoothes nails
  • Free distraction app




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Nipper Clipper

More about Nipper Clipper

Trimming tiny nails can be tricky. The Nipper Clipper helps in three ways: the safety spy hole lets you see exactly what you’re cutting, whilst our app Timmy Tickle Baby helps distract active babies. Finally, the curved S-file baby gently smoothes baby nails after clipping.


Very occasionally, when simultaneously opening and twister the Nipper Clipper arm the pin can ping off, leaving you with three pieces. This is really easy to fix.




    Care and Safety: To be used under adult supervision. This is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on adult nails. Can be damaged if dropped on a hard surface.